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38 Ways to control stress

November 30, 2010

38 Ways to Control Stress

  1. Live in the moment: realize that nothing is happening ‘in this moment’. People waste too much time and energy thinking about future or past conditions influencing your current moment.  Beware the “formula”……
  2. Stress begins in your mind. Filter the ‘blabber’ in your mind. Most of the blabber is fear based.  It is a drunken monkey on fire lying to you.
  3. Get a mentor – talk to someone you trust about what or who is causing you stress.
  4. Plan bettermake time to plan – close the door to distractions
  5. Ask yourself “What is the worst that can happen?” Then prepare to accept the worse and try to improve on it.
  6. Realize that 95% of the things that you worry about NEVER MANIFEST.
  7. Use the law of averages to measure the reality of an imagined threat.
  8. Don’t worry about what others think of you, BECAUSE THEY DON’T!
  9. Write a “to do” list so you don’t have to hold onto duties – then “UN DO IT”
  12. Count your blessings – be grateful. The FEELING of gratitude uplifts your energy vibration.
  13. If you ACT happy you will BE HAPPY. Say positive affirmations to yourself
  14. Create happiness for others.
  15. Nothing is more important than your health. If you loose your health through worry and stress (thoughts that YOU IMAGINE AND ARE NOT REAL IN THE MOMENT) you will feel really stupid.
  16. Do the best you can, then tell yourself that you are doing enough.
  18. Eat foods that have ‘CHI’, watch your diet and stop eating sugar fried junk.
  19. Be in nature, get lots of fresh air.
  20. Take up a hobby.
  21. Every day make time to do something nice for your self – refill your “empty tank”.
  22. Count backwards from 30 to 1 before you react.
  23. When you think you are ready to react, wait one more day.
  24. Buy yourself time to think <GO TO THE BALCONY>. Do not make decisions until you have given your mind the “inner space” it needs to gather information and review facts.
  25. Make an “ELVIS” walk – do something absurd, distract your self – watch a comedy. Laughter can dispel anxiety quickly.
  26. Play a game: Facebook /soduku. Mental games relieve stres.
  27. Drink more water, make a cup of herbal tea, and limit alcohol.
  28. Fill your mind with peace and hope. Know that you are connected with all things in the universe and the universe wants you to be happy and healthy. Believe it because your thoughts and words create your reality.
  29. Meditate / pray.
  30. Dance to your favorite music.
  31. Breath Deeply for one minute, try the “one nostril then the next” trick to calm/ sooth yourself.
  32. Stress or anxiety can be a sign of FEAR. Ask yourself what are you afraid of?
  33. Think about how you may be overloading yourself? Release the guilt and pressure of trying to do too much, for too many people
  34. Close your eyes roll them up and around while humming with your tongue at the back of the top or your teeth.
  35. Don’t let anything get in the way of getting a good night’s sleep. It’s YOUR RIGHT!
  36. Listen to “Ted Talks” or Inspirational “U-TUBE” messages.
  37. Think of someone you admire as a leader and thinker, put them to your side and ask yourself “What would _____do? ”
  38. Focus on what is truly important and right in your life and you’ll never go wrong!


October 6, 2009

Event description

In life and business every day is a negotiation. Every minute of your day you negotiate a decision,  sale, relationship or business desirable.  Your business reputation,  money,  future,  job are all riding on your ability to make the best choices for your success. Learn skills that will help you build a solid Business reputation, manage conflict, enjoy more business success and earn more money by managing your emotions under pressure.

Participants will learn

  • What a Negotiation is

  • Manage Conflict and Challenges
  • The Win-Win Concept

    • Maintain Emotional Control
    • How to Communicate with Diplomacy and Tact

      • Ways to Build Trust, Credibility and Respect

      This seminar is designed to give you the ability to take valuable and effective negotiation skill sets and immediately apply them to real world negotiations.

      Empowerment Enterprises helps people and businesses save and make more money faster by increasing effective professional skills through personal development forums and business coaching.


      September 8, 2009


      When you work under pressure, your performance and your mood can be affected. Have your friends or family mentioned that your cadence of speech and tone has changed? Do you find yourself speaking faster because you are in the habit of cramming your thoughts and actions in a smaller space due to the rapid pace of your life?
      If you want to avoid that from happening you need to regain possession of yourself and of your business commitments. “Stress” is one of the most used words in our daily lexicon. Our words have been used and abused by our children when they want to ape the adult’s language.
      Let us define what stress exactly is. To define stress means to be able to identify and recognize it when it appears. To single it out is the first step to face stress using our skills and with more appropriate strategies. Hans Selye, the Hungarian physician considered the father of stress research, defines stress as the non specific answer of our body to all the questions addressed. The stress factors are ascribable to all the circumstances that we face and which rouse our body reaction; could be a forced change in our job, the traffic in the city or a problem of our computer. Read more…